Customer Love in the Air

In spirit of Valentine’s Day we want to know if there is love in the air when it comes to your top customers! Checking in on the relationship you have built with your most strategic customers may sound cheesy, but it is critical to avoid a blindsided break up. Take a look at our Partnership Spectrum below and plot out where you think your most important partnerships are today with your customers. Are you in love, or are you facing a potential break-up?

‘Customers for Now’ will see you as just another vendor peddling the latest product or service. A ‘Customer Forever’ will see you as a critical partner in his or her bottom line growth; true love. Are any of your top customers at risk? The first step you can take to get your relationship headed in the right direction is as simple as making a partnership plan together. Sit down with your customer and ask some of the questions listed below:

  • How did your business do in 2016?
  • How did we do in our work together? What value was provided?
  • What are your pain points as you move into 2017?
  • How can we help you grow your business this year?

Investing time in your most important partnerships is a great way to getting closer to true customer love.

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