Does Your Value Proposition Need More Love?

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we want to know what side of the spectrum your value proposition is when it comes to your business. Checking in on the relationships you have with your customers is crucial to positioning your company in the minds of your greatest asset — your customers!

Take a look at our Value Proposition Spectrum below and plot out where you think your company stands today with your customers!

The art and the science to having an aspirational value proposition is the ability to tap into both the rational and emotional motives of your customers and deliver unexpected benefits. Do your customers today see you as a unique solution or one of many choices? A truly aspirational value proposition is differentiated in the eyes of the customer and creates loyalty competitors can’t easily copy. The first step you can take to elevate your value proposition is to ask yourself the questions listed below:

  • What customer needs are not being met today that we can uniquely satisfy?
  • How can we make them feel an emotional connection?
  • How can we tap into the hopes and future desires of the customer and drive loyalty?
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