To be competitive, a company must continue to differentiate itself in the minds of its consumers. This requires that all facets of the business—marketing, sales, product, etc.— align around key consumer strategies.

At Collaborate Consulting, we help you differentiate your business by evaluating key components of the brand and consumer experience. Further, we love helping you stay one step ahead of competitors by looking for ways to ‘leap frog’ over current consumer best practices and become the industry leader. From clarifying brand equity and improving management strategies to strengthening the company’s marketing organization, we make specific recommendations, create implementation plans, and establish benchmarks for measuring consumer success.


A Wake Up Call from the Competition

Innovating to Regain 80% Market Share in Just Six Months

The Problem:

A client that had previously dominated its industry with 70-80% market share suddenly found itself floundering as the result of a new competitor’s product line that seemed to offer the same product for a cheaper price. The company’s strategy was focused on regaining this lost market share, but it was unclear how company leaders would be able to accomplish this tall task.

Our Approach:

  • Assemble a cross-functional team to evaluate key marketing and sales components, including price, place, promotion, advertising, and product offering
  • Benchmark leading peer companies to understand best practices around consumer focus and marketing processes
  • Identify alternatives to stop share erosion and regain previously held share positions
  • Design a roadmap along with specific recommendations to become the industry leader in consumer insights
  • Recommend a series of highly specific changes that dramatically impact product value
  • Implement an aggressive plan to accelerate innovation to truly differentiate the product from lower-priced competitors
  • Deploy the cross-functional team to systematically implement these recommendations

The Result:

The company regained share within six months of implementing the new strategic plan and continues to realize high-share value through an aggressive innovation agenda.


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Build relationships that last


Differentiate yourself from the competition


Blaze a trail that everyone will follow


Embrace innovation and growth

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