How Did Your 2021 Business Strategy Work?

As we begin 2022, now is an excellent time to evaluate how well your 2021 business strategy worked. Did things go the way you thought, or is it time to take advantage of new opportunities or even make dramatic changes to right the ship? 2022 is certainly starting out to be a very interesting year already. We recommend you to take some time with your senior team to reflect on your performance and set your strategy and identify possible scenarios for 2022.


Business Strategy


Below are some business strategy evaluation questions to ask yourself as a leader and the leadership team:

  1. What were the surprises – how did you react – and what would you have done differently if you had known?
  2. Where did we meet our goals or exceed them?
  3. Where did we fall below our goals and expectations – and why?
  4. What new opportunities have presented themselves?
  5. What plans do you have for 2022 – to take advantage of new opportunities, or right the ship?


Taking the time to answer these questions with your leadership team will help you process the year that has passed and also re-shift your mindset for the year to come. Please feel free to share your work with us, we are here to help you!

This post is a great introduction to our next five-part series that will be going live in January: How to Lead a Step Change in Growth – 5 Key Levers/Building Blocks to Double Your Growth in 3-4 Years. So keep reflecting and get ready for what is to come – look towards the future!


All my best,

Julie LaNasa

Founder – Collaborative Consulting

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