Julie LaNasa founded Collaborative Consulting to help organizations achieve transformational levels of growth. Julie’s work is so highly regarded because she begins from one simple principle: To attain lasting success, it is not enough to chase positive results, as tempting as they may be; instead, an organization must learn to embrace a growth culture, which runs through every level of the organization’s structure, and is defined by a willingness to critically evaluate capabilities and adopt change when necessary. Julie’s trademark is to partner closely with client leaders to map out a vision for strategic change, and then mobilize the broader team to support this vision from within. As Managing Director of Collaborative Consulting, Julie has led large change efforts with over 70 organizations across North and South America.

In life, as in her career, Julie is passionate about learning and growth. She is a Board Member at PRI’s (formerly NPR’s) Science Friday and the Leakey Foundation – two non-profit organizations dedicated to science and education. Prior to founding Collaborative Consulting in 1994, she worked for Swander, Pace & Co. and Andersen Consulting (Accenture). Julie graduated with honors from both the University of California Berkeley, where she received her MBA, and the University of Colorado, where she received her undergraduate degree.