How Has Your 2023 Strategy Been Working?

In our last post, we asked you to look out at the horizon – what lies beyond it, what you hope to see, and how you will conquer the near future. However, have you considered your journey to it? As exciting and hopeful as a glance at the future is, it is important to practice reflection and intentful planning for 2024. This begs the question of the week: how has your business strategy propelled your ship or potentially slowed it down this year? Were the waters of communication crystal clear between you and your team, or were they shades of murky with an overcast sky? Was your company culture that of a lively ship with its harmonious sails, or a seastorm that required all hands on deck? 

2023 has certainly turned out to be a very interesting year so far. We recommend you to take some time with your senior team to reflect on your performance and set your strategy and identify possible scenarios for 2024.

Looking back at your 2023 strategy loop with 5 key questionsBelow are some business strategy evaluation questions to ask yourself as a leader and the leadership team:

  1. Which surprises have occured so far this year – how did you react – and what would you have done differently if you had known?
  2. Where did we meet our goals or exceed them?
  3. Where did we fall below our goals and expectations – and why?
  4. What new opportunities have presented themselves?
  5. What plans do you have for 2024 – to take advantage of new opportunities, or right the ship?

Taking the time to answer these questions with your leadership team will help you process the year so far and also re-shift your mindset for the year to come. Please feel free to share your thoughts with us, we are here to help you!

We hope we’ve inspired a fruitful reflection, as we are excited to propel you into 2024. Our next post will touch upon how to develop a 2024 strategy, as well as plan elements to consider. While reflecting can be challenging, it is so important for a company’s growth journey. After all, a ship in a harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for!

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