At Collaborative Consulting, we know that there is no magical potion that can turn flat sales into soaring profits or help a rapidly expanding company shore up its infrastructure overnight. But we do firmly believe that the right transformative strategy can salvage even the most challenged business and help put an organization on the path to success.

We work closely with clients to provide a holistic assessment of their businesses and their core capabilities. Based on our findings, we create a results-driven strategy that often includes new human resources, systems, and tools to help achieve the company vision.


Transformation from the Top!

Creating Cohesion to Achieve 10% Growth in Gross Profits and a Reduction in Sales Costs by 5% in Just Six Months

The Problem:

A leading provider of equipment products was experiencing tremendous growth through acquisitions, which were extremely profitable to the company and its investors. But the VP of Sales and Marketing was struggling to create a common culture for a sales team that was suddenly spread across eleven states. He had huge growth goals to meet but knew he needed to make large-scale changes to systems capabilities, and processes to do so.

Our Approach:

  • Work with VP of Sales and Marketing to evaluate strengths and weaknesses of current structure as well as regional managers and sales representatives
  • Analyze and segment over 15,000 customers to determine where sales reps should be spending their time which is essential during periods of high growth
  • Establish a cross-selling experience to identify over $35M in otherwise neglected growth opportunity with the company’s current customer base
  • Recommend a new compensation structure to replace 27 different sales commission plans and motivate performance while improving transparency
  • Implement a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system and design dashboards to support pipeline efforts and accountability around sales and marketing goals

The Result:

Within six months, gross profit increased 10%, while cost of sales for the organization dropped by 5%. Additionally, 90% of the sales team and every high performer increased individual compensation under the new structure.


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