The greatest opportunity for securing and maintaining a competitive advantage comes from building a strong organization. Whether sales are flat and growth is stalling, or the company is expanding so quickly it can’t keep up with demand, it is often the organization itself that needs a reboot in order to achieve its goals.

At Collaborative Consulting, we take pride in working closely with your company to identify the organization’s unique strengths, so as to better capitalize on them and also identify areas of weakness that need to be overhauled to steer clear of danger.


Turning ‘too much’ into a good thing

Delivering 50% Growth in Sales Volume and Profit by Structuring Your Organization for the Future

The problem:

An international company headquartered in Central America was experiencing high growth in both industrial and retail sales. In this case, the problem was not declining profits but exponential growth that threatened to overwhelm the company’s limited infrastructure and emerging leadership capabilities.

Our Approach:

  • Evaluate the existing organizational structure to identify strengths and urgent weaknesses
  • Support the CEO in hiring a Head of Retail Sales and in promoting a strong internal candidate to Head of Industrial Sales
  • Develop a comprehensive training plan to increase core capabilities and establish a “coaching” mindset that extends to the company’s locations in six different countries
  • Design a 2-year plan to include an assessment of the current business condition, identification of growth opportunities, and the implementation of specific sales strategies.

The Result:

Annual goals include 42% growth in sales volume and 30% in profits — these goals are much more ambitious than the previous year when goals were 5% growth in both volume and profits. Senior leadership is focused and on-track to exceed these goals. Within one year of hiring Collaborative Consulting, the company’s estimated ROI for this project is ~230%. In the first three months after the roll-out, the company grew 30% in terms of profit.


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