Setting your strategy without a plan is like making a wish on a shooting star. The end goal may be clear, but the chances of achieving it are slim at best. The strategy you set for your business should not only define your path forward but also outline the steps your team needs to take in order to achieve profitable growth. Given the unpredictable nature of business today, strategic planning can often feel aimless and unscientific. This should not be the case!

At Collaborative Consulting, we work closely with our clients to shape their path towards significant growth. We work together to discover and quantify untapped opportunities to support growth expectations. We ensure that key resources are aligned with company priorities and develop results-driven strategies with a measurable plan for implementation.


Planning for Growth in a ‘No-Growth’ World

Achieving Double Digit Growth in a Declining Industry

The Problem:

After years of strong alignment with its primary distributors, our client, a renowned manufacturer, began to experience an erosion in some of its key distributor relationships. This took a dramatic toll on sales and profit. This decline, combined with a negative turn in the US economy, made the corporate growth goals seem impossible to achieve. Our client needed to rebuild its partnership pact with distributors and at the same time, put together a strategic plan to get them back on the path toward growth.

Our Approach:

  • Conduct in-depth profiles of four world-class organizations to identify best practices and drivers of excellence for distributor focused sales channels
  • Develop a 3-year roadmap that outlined the mutual benefits our client and its distributor network could realize by working together more closely
  • Establish regular joint-planning sessions between our client and its distributors to identify and go after mutual growth opportunities
  • Bolster marketing competency and sales optimization at the distributor level
  • Create a comprehensive training program to enhance ROI
  • Establish a monitoring system to measure ongoing success

The Result:
Two years into the 3-year roadmap, our client reinvigorated its relationship with distributors. Our client now leads its industry in financial performance, both volume and profit growth, as well as distributor capabilities in sales and marketing. By creating a strong value proposition based on mutual growth along with a clear implementation plan, our client and its distributors are experiencing double digit annual growth in volume and profit while the industry is steadily declining each year.


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