It can be exhilarating, challenging and sometimes overwhelming to lead an organization, especially when it comes to guiding a successful team.

Employees who feel engaged and inspired are 125% more productive. (Harvard Business Review)

We have had the privilege of coaching hundreds of senior executives, as well as company founders and presidents, as part of transformation and strategy projects.

We have launched Executive Coaching to help leaders across industries and disciplines to grow leadership skills to inspire, empower and influence outcomes. Our team works closely with executives & future leaders by targeting key areas of mindset and behaviors, identifying priorities and future actions to have greater impact.

We offer three types of coaching. (click here)

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Executive Coaching

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Delegating and Collaborating to Achieve Results

The Leader Situation:

A senior executive in sales and marketing has several areas of leadership development that are required for success in her new role. The leader feels she needs to delegate more to team members and also needs to be more collaborative with team members and peers. Leader was given this feedback informally from her COO.

The Problem:

The senior executive has a few key areas of leadership development that are required for her to be successful at the next level.

Our Approach:

Our strategy is designed to help our clients elevate their leadership skills and recognize blind spots preventing them from maximizing their performance. We help leaders expand their thinking to improve their ability to lead and grow their organizations. These areas typically include collaborating with peers, timely and effective decision making, and dealing with talent management issues on a timely basis. We provide an unbiased, outside opinion to help leaders hold up the mirror to assess and reflect on personal strengths and weaknesses.

Our Process Includes:

  • Identifying Strengths and Weaknesses (through stakeholder discovery)
  • Selecting 2-3 Areas For Leadership Improvement
  • Developing an Action Plan For Improvement
  • Measuring Improvement (Be an accountability partner)

The Result Our Client Experienced: (after 9 months)

  • Elevated Team Productivity and Performance
  • Improved Team Engagement and Morale
  • Elevated Collaboration with Stakeholders and direct reports

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