Better understanding the needs, priorities, and pain points of your customers will increase your profitability. Our goal is to help you secure a sustainable advantage with your customers and deliver on the promise of your brand by creating more powerful customer relationships.

To accomplish this, we ensure that your sales resources are focused on channels that show real and sustainable growth; we work with your sales teams to drive mutual profitability with your largest and most important customers; and we provide a holistic framework for your entire organization to optimize volume as well as profit by building ‘true’ partnerships.


Howdy Partner!

Forging New Partnerships with a Mega-Retailer to Bring Back Profits.

The problem:

As our client’s retailers continued to consolidate, the customer relationships that had once been in place no longer accommodated the expanding needs of the mega-retailer. Our client’s partnerships were in jeopardy and profits were at risk in a major way.

Our Approach:

  • Work with the VP of Sales Strategy to develop a joint customer business planning process that is unique and tailored to an industry that is changing quickly and consolidating at a rapid rate
  • Establish a cross-functional team of key personnel
  • Identify breakthrough ideas to drive mutual profitability to client and customer
  • Develop joint plans with the top 8 retailers who comprise 40% of volume
  • Codify and expand our process to build joint plans with retailers on a global level

The Result:

Today, the company has established strong cross-functional relationships with key retailers, has dramatically improved performance at two strategic sites, and is well positioned with the others. Additionally, the global plan is now a best-practice guideline for other manufacturers. By achieving full alignment at the CEO-level and across all functions, they have experienced dramatic growth in profits, over 100%, with what is today their largest retailer.


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