Our Coaching Offering

We are excited to offer executives three types of coaching for senior leaders:

Did you know that employees who feel engaged are 125% more productive (HBR)?

We are excited to offer executives three types of coaching for senior leaders.

  • Executive Coaching (one-on-one with Leader)
  • Stakeholder Coaching
  • Team Coaching

Our goal is always to elevate leadership mindset and behaviors that help improve the organization’s performance and culture.

Executive Coaching is focused on working with senior leaders on specific areas of leadership such as goal setting, collaboration and driving accountability. We work with the leader to identify areas of development. If the leader desires, we can also get feedback from peers and direct reports to help build an action plan for improvement. We work with the leader on a weekly or bi-weekly basis to address specific behaviors and situations.

We also work with leaders who are new in their role to set a bold agenda and goals for their team as well as how to coach their team members to drive results.

Stakeholder Coaching is focused on engaging stakeholders chosen by the leader (typically peers and direct reports) to provide advice and feedback in specific leadership areas for improvement. Some of these areas may include collaboration, driving accountability, executive presence and influencing or delegating effectively. We work with leaders to create an action plan based on specific feedback from stakeholders. Leaders then seek out feedback monthly from chosen stakeholders to gauge progress and identify additional areas for improvement. We work with leaders on a weekly or bi-weekly basis to improve skills and address feedback throughout the engagement. Lastly, we quantify and measure leader improvement after 4 months.

Team Coaching is focused on improving capabilities of the entire team. We work with CEOs, presidents or functional heads (e.g., Finance, Sales, IT etc.) to implement key leadership behaviors across their direct reports. In these situations, we are typically working to change one or two behaviors that are typically impacting results.

For example, we work with non-profit leaders to implement behaviors to measure a dual bottom line (impact on mission and impact on financial results). We also work with functional disciplines to improve cross-functional collaboration. Instead of working with one leader we help the leader leverage results across an entire team.

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