First 100 Days As An Executive

A Hopeful Beginning  The biggest thing that is never taught in school is that life is full of first days. Whether it’s your inaugural day in 5th grade, the first day of marriage, the dawn [...]

Architecting Your Vision

What is Your Vision? Antoni Gaudi has a lasting legacy on the vibrant city of Barcelona because of his bold vision and his ability to implement it. He created the initial culture to follow [...]

Elevating Performance

Behind every great leader is their legacy. Whether it be a policy, a famous speech, or their selection of team members, their successor has big shoes to fill… so how does one build a great team [...]

Elevating Growth Mindset

What is Growth Mindset? Mindset is a journey. Everyone may have a different starting point, and it is continuous! It is a commitment to improvement; rewiring your thinking to stray from doubt and [...]

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