How To Build Great Teams

Why is it that many of the same teams perform well year after year in college basketball’s March Madness? What is the element or secret sauce that all of these teams have in common? Why do [...]

Don’t Chicken Out!

Running a business is a lot like running a marathon. They both demand stamina, long-term dedication, and hard work. With December here, we notice something else they have in common: the [...]

What are Silos Costing You?

If you were to drop everything right now and walk around your organization, wander through the halls into the sales department, pause at the marketing team, stop at the IT desk, the product [...]

It’s Not About the Nail

For all of you out there working to build a coaching culture with your teams, this video is a funny reminder of what not to do!  It is so tempting to jump in and fix other people’s problems.  The [...]

You Bought The Competition. Now What?

Your company is growing. You’re expanding the business through acquisitions—congratulations are in order. But they must be followed by a healthy dose of reality. Research shows that integrating [...]