Building A High Performing Team

Apple. It is hard to believe that this global conglomerate was started by two college dropouts in a tiny garage in Los Altos, CA in 1976. With practically no funding, and no believers on their side, they were by every definition of the word, underdogs. Today, Apple has a net worth of 2.93 trillion dollars, and is the lead innovator in the tech industry. 

Not every company will be like Apple. However, there are many ideals and values you should prioritize as a leader in order to get on the right track. The biggest takeaway one can prioritize? Development! Building a high performing team that is not only talented but adaptable to growth is precisely how success is earned. Hands are holding wooden gears together

4 Best Practices to Build A High Performing Team:

  • Hire leaders who are focused on development: It is plain and simple: if you aren’t hiring leaders who see development as a priority, your team simply isn’t going to develop. The biggest mistake any hiring manager can make is picking a candidate who is simply “talented”, but shows no drive for improvement.  
  • Brainstorm often with leaders and teams to identify untapped potential… get uncomfortable! We’ve all been our own worst critic. However, a good team should be one that can recognize the strengths within every member and bring light to that. How do we do this? Encourage your team to try new tasks they have never done before! Skills are built over time, not in a day. Therefore, the biggest way to encourage growth is to create new situations and opportunities for your team to hone their craft and jump into something new. After all, a ship in a harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for!
  • Diversifying your team: While this point appears obvious, lots of managers forget this. Hiring a conglomerate of people who are “like you” will bring no perspective to the team. A good team thrives on collaboration and perspective. Each person has something different to teach one another, and this is a value you as a leader should hold near and dear!
  • Innovate! Last but certainly not least, innovation is at the heart of every well-run and creative company. Apple is labeled as the most innovative company of this generation, and it is because they were able to think outside of the box and capitalize on their potential. If you have an excellent idea, share it! If you think your team member has an excellent idea, don’t let it go unnoticed!

With new perspective, innovation, diversity, and an unrelenting will to develop, any company with the proper communication skills could be on the right track to building high performing teams. Everyone will strive to be “like Apple”, however, each company is unique and different in their own way. Setting your own path for development is a far more rewarding task than emulating another company’s operations. Focus your time and mindset on making YOUR company the best it can be!

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