Elevating Growth Mindset

What is Growth Mindset?

Mindset is a journey. Everyone may have a different starting point, and it is continuous! It is a commitment to improvement; rewiring your thinking to stray from doubt and bound towards a more positive and productive path with problem solving. Imbedding a growth mindset takes practice – it requires both openness to change and desire for better results. 

How Can a Fixed Mindset Hold You Back ?

Whether it is stalled innovation, lack of communication, or lack of confidence within workers, a fixed mindset can grind all progress to a halt and paralyze an organization. A growth mindset, on the other hand, is an unstoppable force that serves as the grooves in the well-oiled company/organization machine. 

Nature picture with stairs, a metaphor for growth mindset

What elements do YOU hope to apply a growth mindset to?  Read the case study below to learn how one of our client organizations was able to identify and embed specific mindset elements and shift their trajectory.

The Leader and Company/Organization Dilemma:

The Leader of a national organization identified a bold strategy and plan for growth in his first year as CEO. He experienced high levels of resistance from his key direct reports with each of the five initiatives outlined in the growth plan. The initiatives were stalled and accountability for progress was very unclear.

Our Process to Shift the Mindsets of Leaders and the Organization:

  • Collaboratively Identified Leader Behaviors And Actions to Drive Accountability and to Create a Growth Mindset Culture
  • Interviewed Leaders Direct Reports to Understand Their Perspectives and Ideas for Gaining Alignment and Building a Growth Mindset
  • Together Created 8 Mindset Elements to Embed in Organization to Drive Growth
  • Collaboratively Developed an Action Plan with the Leader to Drive Accountability as well as Create Growth Mindset across his Team
  • Coached Leader How to:
    • Help Direct Reports Identify Milestones for Key Initiatives
    • Conduct Quarterly Conversations with Direct Reports to Measure Progress
  • Conducted a Growth Mindset Workshop for ~40 Leaders and Provided a Tool Kit for Leaders to Cascade Across the Organization

8 Growth Mindset Elements:

  1. Collaboration Across Silos and with Customers 
  2. Focus on the Customer
  3. Flawless Implementation 
  4. Innovation & Acceptance of Failure 
  5. Building A Performance Culture 
  6. Embracing Design Thinking 
  7. Honing Planning and Metrics 
  8. Development and Coaching 

The Result: After Six Months…

  • CEO inspiring and Empowering His Team. 5 Initiatives are Progressing. Key Milestones have been Met
  • Leader has Instituted a Habit of Conducting Monthly Sessions with Direct Reports to Discuss Achievements and Suggested Actions
  • Growth Mindset Factors Were Identified and Are Now Embedded in Recruiting and Annual Reviews
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