Leading a Step Change in Growth: Upscaling Talent

Developing and upscaling talent means building and nurturing your best people to support the goals and strategies of your company. This third post in the Leading a Step Change in Growth series explores this concept and the importance of it.


Elevating Talent: Growth Mindset is Key

Elevating and developing talent is a secret weapon to prepare people and the organization for emerging and changing roles. Closing skill gaps is key to achieving company objectives and growth plans. Gone are the days of having a reactive hiring approach. Having a solid talent development plan, focused on developing new skills needed for critical jobs requires a holistic approach with effective training and development pathways.

A solid talent management strategy can have the greatest impact on organizational success. Stack the deck with Senior Leaders who believe step change growth is possible. With a clear and focus talent strategy, you can create a “culture of learning” so people are equipped and open to adapt. Elevating talent has a direct impact on providing a better customer experience and can be a key differentiator over your competition. You will also improve employee engagement and retention, attract new talent, and speed up the adoption of new opportunities in the marketplace. Elevating talent ensures employees’ skillsets won’t become obsolete, and shows your people that you care about their careers and futures.


What are Your Opportunities in “Upskilling” Talent?

We invite you to identify opportunities in each functional area of your business. Then prioritize 2-3 key areas where you desire to upscale or “upskill” your talent in 2022. We have provided an example to start your thinking engine, and the rest is up to you!


Upscaling/Upskilling Talent ExerciseUpscaling/Upskilling talent Exercise

A question to ask yourself regarding these boxes is: “What are your opportunities in each area based on your company growth priorities, and the potential impact on each function?”. By identifying these areas you will be able to develop a growth map of milestones and priorities to upgrade your talent, and reach your desired destination.


Please Share & We Are Here if You Need Us

We encourage you to reach out and let us know how you are doing with your progress, or if you want any assistance from us. In closing, the heart of an organization and key value driver is the employees. Being capable of identifying needs of upscaling and “upskilling” talent in different functions is a big step towards achieving company objectives and growth plans.

Post number four will be about Embeding Critical Processes – mapping the future of each function to drive step change growth. Stay tuned!

All my best,

Julie LaNasa

Founder – Collaborative Consulting



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