Do you have a bold vision for your organization’s future?

Visionary leadership is the key to transforming your organization. To embrace it, you must be willing to take an honest, sometimes painful, look at where you are today, and be courageous enough to paint a bright, bold vision for your future.

The work of transformation begins with vision because when the road is difficult—when an organization experiences the growing pains of real change—a clear, powerful vision sustains the path.

When we work with clients, we like to use the image of a frame to communicate the importance of vision. Just as the greatest works of art are supported and enhanced by their frames, the frame for your business provides solidity and structure.

The left side of the frame demands the brutal honesty of assessment. Where is your business today? What are your strengths? What are your weaknesses? Don’t sugarcoat anything.

The right side of the frame is where your inner visionary shines. Think about the future of your company—where do you want to be two years down the line? Be bold. Be daring. Allow yourself to say: “Our vision is to be world-class, undeniably best in leading _________________.”

Only by taking stock of where you are and where you want to end up can you begin to evaluate the necessary steps—the small or large changes in leadership, new sales and marketing processes, redesigning the organization, different ways of recording and evaluating data and monitoring customer interactions—to achieve that vision.

Look at our Journey Map below, and start slowly. Begin with the frame—the current state and future state of your business. Where are you today and where do you want to be? Then move into answering the questions in the center of the map which are designed to help you think through how you achieve your future state!


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