How Do You Know When You Need a Consultant?

At Collaborative Consulting, we believe that true transformation is within everyone’s reach. But the journey is not for the faint of heart, and because the path can be arduous and difficult, an experienced guide can make all the difference.

So many pieces must come together in order for change to stick. It requires the right combination of tools, processes, people, mindset, capabilities, and strategies for measuring and evaluating success.

Below, we provide a snapshot of the different pieces of the transformation puzzle. Whether you seek professional guidance or decide to go it alone, use these resources to better understand your organization and carve a path for your future.


How To Transform and Grow Your Company

Transformation Mindset


What signals of commoditization are you experiencing today and at what level (high, medium, low)? Refer to Chapter 2.

Growth Mindset

How would you evaluate your growth mindset? How would you evaluate your organization’s growth mindset? Refer to Chapter 4.

Guiding Coalition

Who is part of your guiding coalition? How are they empowered to affect change? What is this team’s mindset when it comes to change? Do they have the right mentality to be good coaches? Refer to Chapter 5.

Ingredients For Success

Prioritizing Your Customers

How do you prioritize your customers today? How many transactional customers do you have today and how much gross profit do they contribute to your bottom line? How many star customers do you have? What are your largest growth opportunities with your customer base? Refer to Chapter 6.


Have you or your team received coaching training? How often do you coach your proteges? How do you prepare for your coaching sessions? Refer to Chapter 8.

How To Keep Improving

Leadership & Planning

How would you describe where you currently fit in the leadership matrix (Tactician, Last Minute, Visionary, The Leader?) Of the five roles of Sales Leadership, how well do you perform each role? What components does your sales plan consist of? Refer to Chapter 9.

Continuing To Lead & Improve

How would you celebrate short-term wins? What are the change success stories that are shared at your organization? How do you continue to lead during challenging times? Refer to Chapter 10.


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