Philanthropy, Actually

The enchanting arrivals gate. The magical Christmas pageant. The heart-wrenching yet morally intriguing scene with the note cards. Love Actually has earned its stripes as one of the most memorable Christmas movies of the 2000s, but what is it about this film that genuinely tugs at the heartstrings of humanity? Sure, everyone revels in a delightful romantic comedy, particularly during the festive season. Yet, the movie’s triumph lies in its underlying message that the holidays serve as a poignant reminder for humanity to express gratitude and forge connections.


But why confine these resonant themes to the yuletide season? After all, Thanksgiving is the epoch of corporate benevolence—or rather, philanthropy. At Collaborative Consulting, we’ve had the opportunity to work with many for profit and non-profit organizations. We have found that our dual focus on both types of organizations add both perspectives to our company as well as opportunities for growth. It creates competitive advantage in so many ways – it strengthens company culture, attracts and retains talented and kindhearted individuals, and allows for engagement in a deeper mission beyond the corporate strategy. 


Philanthropy comes in all shapes and sizes. Looking for some inspiration? While the commercial real estate company Cummings Properties in Massachusetts may not have the capabilities of Google, our team here at Collaborative was beyond inspired by their work. Cummings engaged in a philanthropic term called “bottom-up giving” by enacting their Employer Directed Giving (EDG) program. The EDG program distributes $1,000 to every single employee to be delivered and donated by the employees to a non-profit of their choosing. While they may not be a company attaching millions per year to various causes, their form of giving is far more personable, and certainly struck a chord with us!


YOUR Philanthropy Strategy

We can all agree that the best part of a rom com is the mushy feel good part at the end… So why not let philanthropy usurp the spot of this weekend’s rom-com? Immerse your team in philanthropy—whether it’s volunteering together at a local charity, crafting an EDG program, or initiating internal donation incentives. While Love, Actually commences at the arrivals gate of London Heathrow Airport, Philanthropy, Actually, commences today, in YOUR conference room.


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