Establish Goals and Transform Key Roles for Growth

The following is an actual case study of our work with a leader from a successful organization.

The Leader Situation:
The President of an organization identified a bold strategy and plan for change in his first year. As part of his change agenda, he elevated someone from within the organization who possessed a change mindset to lead five significant departments in the organization. This leader had limited supervisory experience and was new to the President’s cabinet.

Our Approach:

Focusing on performance and behavior, our strategy is designed to help leaders elevate their leadership skills as well as recognize blind spots preventing them from maximizing their performance.
We help leaders expand their thinking to implement new goals, plans, structures, metrics, behaviors and habits. We provide an unbiased, outside and experienced point of view to help leaders hold up the mirror to assess and reflect on personal strengths and weaknesses.

 Our Process Tailored to The Leader:

  • Identified 3 key areas of leadership development (delegation, management and holding difficult conversations). Worked on a bi-weekly basis to elevate skills In these areas of growth
  • Collaboratively identified a primary goal for each department
  • Collaboratively worked with leader to establish expectations for new and existing roles to transform key departments
  • Coached Leader on how to have hard conversations with his direct reports resistant to change
    Coached Leader how to:

    • Help direct reports identify milestones for key initiatives by department
    • Conduct quarterly conversations with direct reports
    • Collaboratively organized an annual retreat to establish purpose for entire team and define shared goals and milestones for each department

Leader Results / Achievements:

After Six Months…

  • Reorganized his organization and hired new talent in key roles to accelerate transformation of legacy systems, metrics, processes, behaviors and habits
  • Coached his direct reports regularly to effectively implement critical departmental goals
  • Beginning to migrate a key department’s transition from a paper-based to a digital system through difficult conversations with legacy employees
  • Currently in the process of working with his direct reports to set shared goals for each department for next fiscal year further embedding a new culture of clarity, empowerment and accountability
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